Windows on ARM should not be a PC, says Nvidia

Nvidia boss Jen-Hsun Huang has warned Microsoft not to allow its Windows on ARM to be seen as a PC.

Talking to Engadget, Huang said that it was important for Vole not to position these as PCs.

He said that from a finesse perspective, he would come out with tablets with Windows on ARM first. This will establish that these devices are not a PC. Windows on a PC will create several problems, particularly related to Office.

Huang said that if Office runs on Windows on ARM then it will have its killer app and he would hope Office for Windows on ARM would support the same files that today’s Office does, much the same way that Office for Mac eventually synced up with its Windows-based sibling.

Talking about Tegra, and mobile chips in general, he said that going toe-to-toe with Intel was just a bad idea, and Nvidia has backed away from bad mouthing Chipzilla.

With visual and mobile computing Nvidia’s bread and butter, its main rival is now Qualcomm. Although the two came into this market from very different places they are in “indirect competition” mostly thanks to what their customers do with the chips,

Tegra is under the bonnet of 70 percent of all non-iPad tablets, and it’s in 13 smartphone models globally. But Huang thinks that chipmaking in the mobile universe will be different.

He said that the mobile chip world is quite young, so forced to shove whatever chips it has laying around into as many products as its group mind can imagine, and then tweak ’em to make it all work.

There’s one chip that can be used in tablets, smartphones, MP3 players, etc. But it won’t be that way for long, Huang thinks.

Much in the same way that Intel has rolled out many, many variations of its Core i family at once, he suggests that the smartphone and tablet multiverse will adopt a similar strategy soon.

There may come a time where enough smartphones and tablets are moved to think about creating a processor specifically for one or the other. You will see a Tegra for slates, and a Tegra tailored for phones, he said.