Why did Glofo go to MWC anyway?

Walking the halls of MWC eyeing throngs of shiny gadgets, devices, mobile apps, wireless networking gizmos and all things untethered, one booth sandwiched between the global expanse of “Invest Korea” and “Hi-Tech Ireland” stood out like a sore thumb –GlobalFoundries.

After all, what business does a wafer baker have at a show focused on the proliferation of wireless devices and access?  Surely a foundry is just about the technology plumbing with no real impact on the end user…right? 

Well not according to the fab boys and girls at Glofo.  

This year, the latest incarnation of Glofo (+Chartered) turned out at MWC en force, with not just meeting rooms but a luminous orange stand declaring nothing short of a mobile revolution.

Pomp and fanfare over a collaboration with ARM was followed by a fancy customer soiree overlooking the city Tuesday night.

The self-proclaimed “citizen of the world” also made much of the fact its  foundry technology at 28nm would be a “key differentiator in the mobile experience” as punters began to demand more and more performance, as well as an increase in features and longer battery life.  

Glofo claims that by attending shows like MWC it can educate prospective customers, journos, customers and anyone else why foundries matters.

TSMC, the world’s largest supplier of chips and chamber mismatches, on the other hand, was nowhere to be seen and clearly would prefer to keep its clogged plumbing to itself. 

But while some would applaud Glofo for its efforts to sex up mobile silicon we can’t help but question whether it really made any differences to the Qualcomms and Nokias of the world as they pimped their next generation wares. 

The jury is still out on Glofo and only time will tell whether the wafer baker’s money was well spent on its little foray into Catalonia, or simply an added distraction in what’s shaping up to be a critical year for 2010.