We saunter down Savills' fab row

You wouldn’t think that you’d bump into someone at a semiconductor conference from the very up market estate agent called Savills would you?

But that’s exactly what we did at the opening gig of the International Electronics Forum here in Dresden, yesterday evening.

Savills, when you go do a Googly search on it in the UK, describes itself as the leading name in the UK residential property sector for generations.

And so it has and is. The kind of house that Savills sells in Blighty is way beyond the means of yours truly.

But the commercial guy we met last night set us right on many a score. His speciality is the sale and disposal of fabs – that is to say fabrication plants that need to be sold to someone else. He’s been to Dresden many a time – of course Infineon has a 12-inch fab here – and so did AMD, better known now as Global Foundries. A heap of Savills revenues come from the selling of fabs of all types.

And then there’s the ill-fated venture called Qimonda, which is finally being disposed of.

But the Savills chap roams far and wide in his aim to pick up business, talking to IBM, TSMC, Texas Instruments and even the Great Satan of Chips.

Intel. Need we say more?