Wafer drought hits fabless chip firms

Well placed sources tell TechEye that fabless manufacturers are finding themselves on strict allocation, meaning that their customers are having to wait while the foundries struggle to supply them with products.

It’s always good to have your products in demand but if supplies are that tight, it’s not that great at all because you’ve got nothing to sell.

This news rather contradicts a report in today’s Digitimes, that suggests TSMC is “alarmed” by the fabless companies not taking delivery of their wafer starts.

The truth is that the foundries are not being entirely straight with the rest of the industry – after the economic crash they re-trenched and are taking their time to get their act together.

But customers don’t like being dictated to and now there are serious alternatives to TSMC in the shape of GlobalFoundries, they don’t necessarily have to be dictated too by Yoda.