Users hit out at Oracle's Itanium cunning plan

A survey of IT experts shows that most believe Oracle’s decision to discontinue support for Itanium is part of a cunning plan to lure users to its own Sun-Sparc servers,

Gabriel Consulting’s Dan Olds, who conducted the survey, discovered that 77 percent of 450 data centre managers think that Oracle did it to kill HP’s Itanium server product lines.

More than 44 percent of the survey respondents agreed with the statement that Oracle’s Itanium dump was “a competitive move to kill HP’s HP-UX and NonStop products.” Another 33 percent said they strongly agreed with the statement. 13 percent said they were not sure, eight percent disagreed, and only two per cent strongly disagreed.

Gabriel Consultings’ survey shows that Oracle may manage to convince some users that moving to Sun servers is a good idea. However it does risk alienating others.

More than 42 percent of Data Centre Managers felt the Itanium decision was “the first step in Oracle’s plan to put all competitors at a disadvantage against Oracle hardware products while only 10 per cent disagreed.

Punters believe Oracle dumping support for Itanium isn’t just ‘business as usual.’ In their minds, Oracle has a much more ambitious agenda, Olds said.