Unrest grows over Intel's Ultrabook plans

Notebook manufacturers are still attempting to persuade chip giant Intel to cut the price of microprocessors for its Ultrabook platform so they have a chance of competing with the opposition.

That’s according to Digitimes, which claims that the notebook manufacturers want Intel to slash the price of Core i7s and Core i5s by fifty percent, something the chip behemoth clearly doesn’t want to do.

The report said that Intel will only give big discounts to the big boys, leading to discontent in the ranks of those who want to compete on the now famous “level playing field”.

Intel, of course, is caught between a ROC and a hard place. It justifies its high gross margins by pointing out that in the inexorable attempt to keep Moore’s Law going, it has to make large capital investments and continue to shrink the die.

First tier manufacturers will get 20 percent discounts at the most, according to the Digitimes report, here