UMC fabs packed to the gills as firm reports profits

United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC) turned in its second quarter financial results and said its fabrication facilities are chock-a-block.

For the quarter, UMC turned in revenues of $927 million and made a net profit of $164 million, with a gross margin of 29.6 percent. Revenues were up 31.5 percent c. Ofompared to the same quarter last year.

But, said Dr Shih-Wei Sun, UMC CEO, the fabs were full in the second quarter. He said that shipments grew to 1,156 thousand eight inch wafers.  Of those wafers processed, revenues for 65 nanometre and below grew by over 50 percent compared to its previous quarter. Forty nanometre revenues accounted for three percent of revenues.

Sun said: “Demand is expected to remain robust for advanced processes, driven by new applications and technology migration. We are optimist about third quarter growth, anticipate rising revenues and profit, and maintain a healthy outlook for mid to long term demand.”

UMC, he continued, will

aise this year’s capex to $1.8 billion, with the money used to expand advanced capacity.

He said that UMC’s Fab12i phase three cleanroom, based in Singapore, will start production by the end of the year and increase output at the 40 nanometre node.