Turkish leak reveals AMD Thames GPU plans

Lately there have been a number of leaks to Turkish tech magazines about AMD.

The latest one  reveals some of Chipzilla’s plans for its mobile 28nm GPU.

If Google translate is running correctly it would appear that the “Gamermarket will be looked after by two mobile GPUs, the Heathrow with a 128/192-bit memory interface that will hit the production in Q4 2011 and the high-end Wimbledon with a 256-bit memory interface and production in Q2 2012.”

Judging by the names, Heathrow will be a barn of a chip which will require you to wait three hours before you take off. Wimbledon will be extremely overpriced, particularly if you like strawberries. You might have to be a womble to like it.

The performace chip in the range will be codenamed Chelsea which will be a 28nm 128-bit GPU that will hit the production in Q4 2011. The Chelsea chip will be incredibly expensive, blonde, and will do very well once her dad gets her that job in PR.

The last one mentioned on the slide is the Thames GPU. It should provide double the performance of the Seymour GPU. It will be also made at 28nm manufacturing process, will have a 128-bit memory interface and will go into production in Q4 2011. Being a Thames chip it will be very difficult to get a taxi over it and will be full of the junk of more than 2000 years worth of history.

One has to wonder why all the leaks are happening in Turkey, particularly as all the codenames are English.