TT Docomo to make its own chips

Japan’s largest mobile phone operator has looked at the big chip makers and decided “I want some of that!”

TT Docomo is going to team up with Samsung Electronics and several other Japanese firms to develop chips for smartphones.

According to Reuters, Docomo and Samsung will be joined by NEC, Panasonic and Fujitsu in the venture.

Docomo is going to splash out $5.8 million to create a subsidiary in preparation for the start of the partnership.

The main reason for the move is that TT Docomo is not that happy having to to rely on Qualcomm which dominates the market for semiconductors used in smartphones. It also seems to have snubbed developments with Intel, AMD and Nvidia, so our guess is that the chips being produced will be tweaked ARM designs.

Details of the plan are somewhat sketchy, but if Docomo pulls it off then it could be the start of a trend of phone manufacturers walking away from specialist chipmakers.