TSMC stops 28nm production

The dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured a hell on earth yarn which claims that TSMC has shut down 28nm production about three weeks ago.

The word on the street appears to be coming from SemiAccurate h that TSMC halted all of its  28nm production in mid-February to make unnamed changes to the process.

Charlie admits he cant think why on earth they would take such a drastic step, but yields don’t seem to be it.  If it is true then TSMC might be regretting telling the world+dog in January that everything was perfect with its process.

His sources said that the stoppage was quite sudden, and but production should resume by the end of March and volumes would soon return.

The channel appears to confirm an abrupt stop in 28nm chip shipments, although there was not that many chips in there in the first place.

But it could slow everything down. If production restarted today, you would not be seeing new chips coming out until June.

As SemiAccurate points out, a complete 28nm stoppage at TSMC with no public word, no explanation, and no known concrete resumption date is a complete disaster.