TSMC stays top foundry dog

Market research outfit IC Insight unveiled its 2009 ranking of the world’s leading foundries today. All foundries were hit by the economic slump, Unsurprisingly, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) came out first, with sales of $8.98 billion. – 15 percent less than in 2008.

Despite the slump, total sales at TSMC were three times greater than those of closest rival UMC. UMC secured the second place with sales worth $2.82 billion. in 2009, compared to $3.07 billion one year earlier. 

Chartered sold $1.54 billion of foundry services and came third. GlobalFoundries garnered sales of $1.1 billion., whereas  SMIC hit $1.08 billion., 21 percent less than in 2008. GloFo bought Chartered Semi in the fourth quarter of 2009. According to IC Insight, combined sales of Chartered and its new master GloFo summed up to over $2.6 billion last year, around eight percent behind rival UMC. 

The top five players dominated held an 82 percent market share. IBM only managed to hit place eight ($335 million sales), while European foundries Tower and X-Fab grasped spots 12 and 16. Tower was the only foundry which managed to grow in 2009, thanks to its takeover of Jazz. The takeover added 16 percent to Tower’s growth in 2009 and saw sales rise from $252 million in 2008 to $292 million. X-Fab’s sales, in contrast, have been falling through the floor for the last three years. Back in 2007, X-Fab sold services worth $410 million., however sales have collapsed to $223 million.

All in all, foundry sales contracted by 10 percent last year, in line with the entire IC industry. IC Insight prophesies the foundry market to grow 24% this year, reaching total sales of $26.8 billion. The research company also expects an average annual growth rate of 13 percent for the industry. By 2014, sales are to be worth $40.6 billion.