TSMC says its fabs are all full up

Foundry giant TSMC said that its factories are full up – issuing a “clarification” to remarks made when it turned in its first quarter results.

The form said: “The delivery of TSMC’s wafers to our customers are constrained by our current capacity. This is not an indication of customers’ end market demand.”

TSMC makes chips to designs put together by fabless semiconductor companies such as Nvidia, ATIAMD and others.  The fact it’s up to capacity indicates there’s an opportunity for other foundries, such as GlobalFoundries, to grab some additional business.

Its results showed a 133.4 percent increase in first quarter revnues and an astonishing net profit rise of 2059.5 percent. Its gross margins amounted to 47.9 percent. It said that demand for its wafers remained strong, bucking the normal seasonal pattern for the quarter.

Wafer sales from comms and consumer applications grew, while wafer sales from computer applications fell.

Seventy one percent of its wafers are built on 0.13 micron processes and below, 17 percent are based on 90 nanometer technology, 27 percent based on 65 nanometer technology and 40 nanometer accounted for 14 percent of total wafer sales.

Chief financial officer Lora Ho predicted that the computer segment will remain flat this quarter.