TSMC launches soft IP programme

Semiconductor firm TSMC has today announced the expansion of its IP Alliance to include a soft IP programme that is intended to prepare soft IP for advanced technology nodes and to drive earlier time-to-market.

The new programme will include design documents and technology information designed to help TSMC’s partners optimise their soft IP to its technology. There will also be collaboration to speed up IP readiness by aligning development cycles with TSMC’s process technology roadmap.

TSMC believes that collaboration between the foundry and the IP provider is required to ensure optimisation of the end product in terms of power and performance. 

It also believes that this addition to its IP Alliance portfolio will encourage developments and partnerships in this area, including through TSMC’s Open Innovation Platform.

“Understanding power, performance and area trade-off inherent in large SoC designs early in the design cycle is essential,” said Dan Kochpatcharin, deputy director of IP Portfolio Marketing at TSMC. He said that combining soft IP with semiconductor technologies addresses concerns in this area.

TSMC has launched its soft IP programme by partnering up with Arteris, Atrenta, Cadence Design Systems, Chips&Media, Imagination Technologies, Intrinsic-ID, MIPS Technologies, Sonics, Snyopsys, and Vivante.