TSMC digs for fab victory

Number one chip foundry company TSMC is set to break ground in two days as part of its push to build so-called “gigafabs”that it hopes will wipe out the competition.

According to Digitimes, the first shovel entering the fertile earth of Central Taiwan’s Science Park heralds the beginning of the construction of Fab 15.

It’s a 40 nanometre fab but will develop 28 nanometre and smaller process technology.  

Earlier this year, TSMC chief technology officer Jack Sun told TechEye that after 28 nanometre process technology, 20 nanometre technology will come to pass.

As well as Fab 15, TSMC plans to expand its Fab 12 capabilities. Earlier this year it broke ground on Fab 14 phase 4, said Sun.

TSMC, said Digitimes, is set to spend close to $5 billion in capex in 2010. Currently TSMC is running over capacity, which means that its fabless customers just have to wait and twiddle their fingers.