TSMC charts out its giga fab futures

The chief technology officer (CTO) of TSMC had a way interesting set of slides to show delegates to this year’s International Electronic Forum in Dresden.

TSMC, of course, is the world’s number one foundry, a position that GloFo (Global Foundries) would like to challenge.

Sun started by saying that he predicted there will be 22 percent growth globally in the IC business, reaching $276 billion – between 2011 and 2014 the position will change somewhat, with 4.2 percent CAGR for the IC industry and 7.2 percent CAGR for the Fabless – that is to say the customers of GloFo and TSMC.

Sun believes that the trend is system on a chip (SoC) – this slide underlies his claim that TSMC is the leader in CMOS in all sorts of ways.

Here he showed us a slide with the 28 nanometre node highlights that TSMC is proud of. And then there’s TSMC’s 20 nanometre CMOS technology.

Sun then spoke a great deal about EUV lithography, an area that still is very challenging for many semi companies – this is the TSMC roadmap as he sees it. TSMC is expanding its fabs and is vowing to stay the 12-inch capacity leader, said Sun.

The interesting question that Malcolm Penn, CEO of Future Horizons posed to Mr Sun at the end of his presentations was whether TSMC was the Intel to GloFo’s (Global Foundries) AMD.  We believe at TechEye the fight is definitely on.