TSMC benefits from Apple business

Picture courtesy of Wikimedia CommonsThe biggest semiconductor foundry in the world looks like it will report revenues of $30 billion next year.

TSMC, with its headquarters in Taiwan, has had a successful year and good write ups for the A9 processor it manufactured for Apple, according to market research company Trendforce.

It’s also likely to win most of the orders for Apple’s next processor, the A10.

According to Trendforce analysts, TSMC will increase its capital expenditure next year by around $10 billion, with most of that spend going into research and development for seven to 10 nanometre technology, and expanding its 12-inch wafer capacity.

TSMC announced earlier this week that it has plans to build a 12-inch wafer fab in Nanjing, in mainland China. That fab is intended to service the demand for integrated circuits in China.