Tsinghua did bid for Micron

ChinaChinese company Tsinghua did make a bid for US memory company Micron earlier this month but the path to the acquisition is rocky indeed.

According to analysts at Trendforce, the bid may still be on the table but there are several hoops the Chinese manufacturer has to jump through before such a deal could become reality.

The board of directors of Micron might say yes, and the shareholders would have to agree but the trickiest hoop to go through is the US government has to say yes. And the US government is chary of Chinese technology companies.

Trendforce points out that Intel and Micron work together to produce flash memory, and actually interestingly Intel has already a 20 percent stake in Tsinghua estimated at $1.5 billion.

Tsinghua doesn’t have enough money in its pockets to pay outright for Micron so would have to set up a consortium to raise the funds, or to seek funds from the Chinese state.

Here’s how Micron stacks up on both DRAM and NAND flash, according to Trendforce DRAM Exchange data.

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