Troubled Nanya accepts boatload of dosh from Formosa Plastics

Down on its luck memory maker Nanya has accepted financial support from its parent company Formosa Plastics Group (FGP), while it levels patent infringement claims at DRAM rivals.

Like most DRAM firms, with the exception of Samsung and Hynix, Nanya has been operating at a loss for a while now. 

In order to keep its head above water the board of directors at the firm agreed to pass a proposal for FGP to buy all of its equities for around $1 billion.  According to CENS this will see its share price rise from NT$1 ($0.03) to around NT$2,77 ($0.09). 

This amounts to something of a u-turn if reports that Formosa Plastics was looking to off-load Nanya and Inotera, a joint venture with Micron, earlier this year are to be believed.

Nanya Chairman J.Z. Wu noted that the transition from 42 nanometre to 4GB chips using the 30nm process should help bring the firm back to profitability.  The firm also has an eye on the 20nm process, and is working to this goal alongside US outfit Micron, which is also fighting against the stranglehold Samsung has on the market.

Apparently Nanya will not be looking for any handouts from the Taiwanese government, like ProMOS and PowerChip have, and it’s requesting that others do not receive funds either.  

Meanwhile, Nanya has attacked two of its DRAM competitors, landing lawsuits with the American International Trade Commission.

Nanya has hit back at Elpida over patent infringement claims in a statement on its website.  Nanya reckons that Elpida has been infringing upon four of its own patents, with Kingston also named in the proceedings.

Nanya has demanded that the ITC bars all DRAM products, or devices containing Elpida’s DRAM, from entering the US market.