Toshiba to build new NAND plant

Electronics maker Toshiba is one of the few who is not abandoning Japan in search of cheaper markets in Taiwan or Korea.

The company has announced that it is going to build a new NAND flash memory plant in Japan as early as this summer.

According to the Nikkan Kogyo newspaper, the company wants to cash in on the dramatic rise of mobile devices.

The plant is the second part of a fifth NAND factory. The plans had been on the drawing board for a while, but Toshiba had not revealed when work would begin.

Now it is clear that the company wants the NAND flash memory out there as fast as possible with the new plant working by 2013.

Toshiba has not revealed how much the expansion will cost or how much more capacity it will provide.

NAND flash memory is being touted as a potential money spinner, although in a year or so there will be a lot of competition out there.