Toshiba snubs Texas Instruments

Toshiba has told Texas Instruments that it does not want to put its chips into Windows RT devices.

It appears that Toshiba has given up on Windows RT and wants to stick to something a little safer based around x86 chips from Intel and AMD.

Toshiba said in a statement that its cold feet had nothing to do with the technology. It was simply down to delayed components “that would make a timely launch impossible”.

It is also not pulling the project because Microsoft is launching its own tablet, as Toshiba said that it will still release an x86 version.

Toshiba spokesman Eric Paulsen was quoted by Total Tele as saying that the company would continue to look into the possibility of Windows RT products in the future while monitoring market conditions.

The move follows similar steps by HP and represents a blow to RT. TI must be on shaky ground too.

What appears to be getting the supplier’s goat about RT is the lack of software but there is also the small matter of an uncertain consumer demand for the product.