Toshiba makes your memory shrink

Toshiba claims to have shrunk its 128Gbit NAND flash memory chips and is ready to bring in a  range of tinier storage USB storage and memory cards.

The gear maker has been working with its partner SanDisk, and will ship the world’s smallest 128Gbit memory chip any day now.

The chip has an area of 170 square millimeters and uses the 19 nanometre technology process. This is one step smaller than a 20 nanometre chip announced by Intel and Micron in December.

The memory will find a home as storage in smart phones, music players, and Ultrabooks which are coming onto the market.

Smaller chip sizes allow for smaller devices, but also drive down overall prices by allowing them to be more efficiently produced and forcing less advanced manufacturers to cut prices.

The chip uses three bits per cell storeage, which is more efficient but less reliable than two bits per cell. This means that it will probably first appear in products like memory sticks and cards where reliability is less important.

According to PC World, Toshiba began mass production of the new chip this month.