Torvalds splits open sauce community

The open sauce community is apparently split over whether its founder, Linus Torvalds, is allowed to call presidential hopeful Mitt Romney a “fucking moron”.

Torvalds used the colourful phrase on Google+ in response to Romney’s much-ridiculed suggestion that air passengers should be able to open aircraft windows in an emergency.

It seems that Torvalds has also used his Google+ soapbox to call Romney’s religion, Mormonism, “batshit crazy”.

While most Linux and open saucers are supportive of both Torvalds’ right to speak his political mind and his criticism of Romney, there are those who feel that Torvalds should be like the Queen. He is so important he should not be allowed to express any political views.

As one Republican weirdie beardie pointed out he would not ask Mitt how to recompile his kernel if Linus doesn’t tell him how to vote. Of course the implication in that statement is that Mitt tells people how to vote, which we are not sure if that is how democracy is supposed to work.

Network World’s Paul McNamara  didn’t have a problem with Torvalds expressing political and religious views in a public forum. But he thought that the vitriol and obscenities were unprofessional. Clearly he has not heard Torvalds talking about Gnome, but the question then becomes do we insist that inventors of operating systems subvert their natural means of self expression just because they are suddenly famous.

McNamara said that it was an open question is whether having Torvalds toss these haymakers and stoke flame wars reflects poorly on the Linux community that he leads.

Not really, we would have thought that swearing was a natural part of being a software or hardware developer. Open sauce is supposed to be about self expression so asking open saucers not to swear is a bit like asking David Cameron not to be a twat or Boris Johnson to act sensibly. If it was in their DNA then it would be a choice. It is not in Torvalds DNA to call a rubbish dump a refuse recycling facility.

David Stilson, an IT professional from San Diego on Torvold’s bog that he was surprised to see all of these visceral attacks on Romney and each other.

” When did all the Linux nerds lose their logical approach to problem solving? People install Linux in part due to the fact that they are joining a community of supportive users. If you were new to Linux would you install it after reading these posts? “

So in other words you have to be some sanitised no-view, no personality if you want to peddle Linux.

Torvalds has dismissed criticism of such outspokenness as being grounded in “idiotic politically correct fears” he is probably right. Linux was always about “getting real” and ignoring marketing. It seems that Torvalds makes the perfect figurehead.