Tilera's Gx chip challenges Intel, says Tilera

Tilera has pitched its server processors against the might of Intel with its new Gx chips, and isn’t afraid of throwing a few punches in the process.

According to Tilera’s head of marketing Ihab Bishara, the 40 nanometer 64-bit chips are able to offer a more versatile server than Intel’s lumbering x86 architecture.

Speaking to ZDNet UK’s Jack Clark, Bishara said Tilera is willing to go toe to toe with Sandy Bridge in the server arena as Intel’s range “was designed for general-purpose [applications]” and less able to meet specific needs.

Intel has to account for “single-thread performance and power-point performance and Windows,” Bishara told .

Tilera isn’t targeting any old thing nor is its crosshair pointed at Intel in every area of the enterprise. The chips are made with low latency web applications in mind.

Tilera chip design

The newly introduced Gx range features a 36, 64 and 100 core server processors. .

Tilera’s Gx cores aren’t as power hungry as Chipzilla’s efforts. The 36 core manages to keep going on 20W, while the 64 and 100 core use 35W and 48W respectively.