The TechEye guide to ARM in all of its manifestations

Now that ARM is all anyone talks about these days, a new language is rapidly developing, so we at TechEye have provided a cut out and keep dictionary of new terms as they enter the English language.

ARMadillo: A mobile chip stuffed down the pants of an ageing rock star to impress girls.

ARMaDildo: A mobile chip which needs batteries

PhARMacy: A place to buy chips to rear your ill company back to health

ARMore:  The love that Microsoft has for things not of Intel

ARMature: A developer trying to stick Windows into a mobile environment

HARM:  To injure oneself by the incorrect placement of a mobile chip

pARMesan: Cheesy Intel mobile stuff

CARMel  A place which is made a no smoking zone when under the direct control of a Hollywood A lister

ChARM Offensive: Marketing campaign for mobile chips

DhARMa: It is a Hindu’s duty to install mobile chips

ARMhole: Cambridge

KARMa: What will run over Microsoft’s Dogma

PtARMigan: A strange Scottish bird who lives in Invernesshire

ARMistice: A peace treaty between Microsoft and ARM

BARMy: The concept of ARM on a server

AlARM: What wakes up Intel with a cold sweat

MARMite: A small British company – you either love or hate it

FARM: A place where ARM chips are grown, TSMC

MARM: What you call the Queen when she is using a tablet

FireARM: Chips used as weapons of mass distraction

GARM: Hindi word for when the chip is too hot

GendARMes: A French police force dedicated to chip intellectual property enforcement

HARMonious: When the chip works as marketing says it does

ARMageddon: ARM’s hopes for Intel in 2012

ARMature: ARM grows up

ARMless:  Microsoft

UnARMed: Intel


UnderARM: Apple

WARMonger: Larry Ellison

WARM: Cold war between Intel and ARM

SwARM: Android applications, or a cluster of ARM chips

BlARMy Stone: A place in Cambridge where sales teams are trained in how wonderful ARM chips are

VARMint: A person who calls for the use of ARM chips when they are not appropriate

TARMac: ARM on a MacBook

ClARM: Clapham

PARM: When Intel throws its toys out of a pram

SmARM: The board

VietnARM: The CES tradeshow

cRAM: Intel throwing toys out of its PRAM and forgetting you need ARM in the word

StARM: Terrible weather in Northern Ireland.

StARMan: David Bowie’s smartphone