Texas Memory doubles bandwidth with FC-381 8Gb Fibre Channel interface

Texas Memory Systems has launched the FC-381 8Gb Fibre Channel interface, which will double the bandwidth for its RamSan 630 Flash storage device.

The 8Gb Fibre Channel offers support for host bus adapters (HBA), Point-to-Point, Switched Fabric, Arbitrated Loop topologies, LUN masking and SNMP unit management. Along with full FC HBA support it should work with all switches and virtualisation devices.

The RamSan 630 itself offers 10 independent 8Gb FC ports, significantly more than a traditional RAID system. It also offers 10TB of Flash-based storage in a 3U rack-mounted enclosure.

The FC-381 is not the only high-performance connection option for the RamSan 630, as the IB-381 QDR InfiniBand interface will also be available, with speeds of up to 10Gb/s.

The RamSan 630 can accept five interfaces of either the FC or IB variety, each of which features an embedded 1GHz processor, a dedicated FPGA, and 128MB of flow control memory.

Texas Memory claims that the new interface can eliminate storage Input/Output bottlenecks and improve overall speed and performance of time critical applications.