Texas Instruments usurps Marvell in RIM contract snatch

Chip company Marvell, or Mei Man, or Beautiful Harmony may not be feeling too beautiful or harmonious after all – with reports that it has lost its Blackberry contract with RIM to Texas Instruments.

Marvell already had a contract snatched from under its nose in March this year, again by Texas Instruments.

According to our sources at the time, it was a last minute U-turn before RIM left it hanging. 

RCR Wireless‘ Sylvie Barak says the Blackberry 9900 will be running on Texas Instrument’s OMAP SoC. Quite a knocking for poor old Marvell, then – with one employee admitting to Barak under condition of anonymity that “it’s a painful hit to us.”

RIM also confirmed to RCR that the new range will be running on TI designs.