Texas Instruments to get Apple chip job

The dark satanic rumour mill has turned out a yarn which hint that Apple has dumped Samsung as its chip maker and will give the contract for its next generation iPhone to Texas Instruments.

Texas Instruments may have started production of chips for the next generation iPhone and the rumour is the device will be presented in September.

Apple has been working with TI a lot lately and a few of its components ended up under the bonnet of the iPhone 4S and the new iPad.

The rumour was started by RepairLabs which stated that its source has “proven extremely reliable in the past.”

Chinese sources have been saying that the iPhone 5 would be released in September, a month earlier than last year’s October release for the iPhone 4S.

There is the usual rubbish about what the iPhone 5 will feature. Stuff like larger screens, a Siri system that works in Europe, a cure for cancer, and world peace have all been touted. They were previously touted for the iPhone 4S which turned out to be fixed version of the iPhone 4, so we can take these sorts of rumours with a pinch of salt.

However, the Texas Instrument’s claim is more likely as Apple has been working for a while to get rid of its relationship with Samsung. The two have been suing each other in patent troll antics across the world.