Tegra to be in every tablet but Apple's

Ever the shrinking violet, Nvidia’s Jen-Hsun Huang proudly declared his firm the “world’s biggest visual computing company,” in a recent interview with CNN and tooted the Tegra horn, even though devices containing the tiny chips haven’t started shipping yet.

CNN noted that analysts are already predicting that Nvidia’s Tegra revenues will soar from a mere six percent today to a whopping 20 percent in the near future.

Huang admitted Nvidia had big plans for the little chip, including its inclusion in tablets, smartphones, media players and entertainment systems for cars. “We have projects going on four fronts,” said the green general.

Of course, this being the year of the Tabloid (Android powered tablet) Huang was keen to tout Tegra’s talents, namely the fact it consumes a purported 20-50 times less power than ye old average PC and still manages to offer a full and hi-def internet “experience.”

“It runs flash perfectly,” said Huang in a veiled jab at Apple’s iPad, which doesn’t run it at all.

“It runs flash better than my PC, it streams high definition video, it plays video games, it’s almost incomprehensible what this processor can do,” he gushed.

But although second generation Tegra has already been unveiled and launched, products with the chip have yet to ship. But that, we’re told, should happen very soon indeed.

“Will they be in the iPad?” asked CNN’s rather out of touch reporter. “No” said Jen-Hsun. “Will they be in any Apple products?” persisted the fanboy reporter. “No,” said Jen-Hsun for the second time. “What will they be in then?”

“They’ll be in devices from everyone else,” said Huang smugly. Apple will no doubt be shaking to its very core.