Tegra 2 to have multiple high profile design wins

When the chips are down, it may be time to change your betting strategy, something Nvidia knows all too well after a few major ups and downs.

But the graphics giant must be feeling quite proud of itself of late, as it watches the blood, sweat and tears poured into Tegra finally starting to yield results, in this, Jensen’s “year of the tablet.”

Not only has Tegra managed to worm its way into all sorts of cool gadgetry in the last couple of quarters – like the Zune HD and Boxee Box for instance – Tegra 2, the new version of the little low powered chip, looks set to take on the world, with ODMs purportedly lining up at Nvidia’s door.

Offering the same 1080p HD video capabilities as its predecessor, Tegra 2, which is made on the rather ill-fated 40nm process, can also stream video live from the web for about six hours, play up to about 12 hours of stored HD video, handle 3D graphics, Adobe Flash and even voice capability for 20 times less power than ye-old-common PC. Not too shabby.

Intel’s Atom can’t handle 1080p yet. And neither, by the way, can Qualcomm’s Snapdragon.

With Tegra 1 Having already been bunged into car info-tainment systems galore, music players you’ve never heard of (except the Zune of course) and a slew of Korean smart phones, Tegra 2 is now apparently ready for the big time.

With four times the performance of its older brother, Tech Eye was told by a source close to Nvidia that the chip was “f***ing hard to make,” and didn’t come cheap either, with around $600 million having been plowed into its development and 500 N-gineers slaving away in the green queen’s dungeon.

But with the likes of MSI coming out with an Nvidia Tegra-based tablet in Q2, and our source telling us that “every major PC maker will be including Tegra in its tablet line-up this year,” (and that includes Dell) it seems Jensen’s gamble has paid off. In dividends.

Just a shame Apple’s Ipad couldn’t be bothered to use the chip instead of settling for an inferior PA Semi design only capable of 720p.