Taiwan laptop manufacturers begin using Intel's 6 series chipsets

As laptop makers tentatively begin using Intel’s “new and improved” 6 series chipsets, the company is moving to increase its marketing budget in a bid to regain confidence.

Intel suffered a blow to its chipset range last month, taking Ms. Sandy Bridge off the shelves because of a design defect, which caused degradation of SATA 3.0 Gbps ports over time. At the time this prompted virtually every maker of motherboards and notebooks in partnership to recall sold products, in addition to stopping sales of leftovers.

However, it announced earlier this month that these were now all fixed ahead of schedule, and according to DigiTimes this has prompted Taiwan-based laptop makers to get on the 6 series bandwagon and begin including them in their notebooks. They now believe that because of this, their shipments will rebound strongly from next month.

Instead of the feared delays, manufacturers are claiming that they will be able to ship these new laptops out by the end of this month meaning that orders to Europe and the US will only be one or two weeks late.

The sources pointed out that new notebook products will be able to ship to Europe and US channels by the end of February and will only see a one or two week delay, compared to brand vendors’ original launch schedules of April.

Although confidence has been building for its chipsets Intel isn’t settling down on efforts to show that it really cares – we’re talking moolah. Separate sources at DigiTimes have said that in addition to offering compensation to motherboard companies following its chipset mini-disaster, the company wants to increase its marketing budget to give its customers and consumers more confidence in the brand. Of course it hopes that this will increase sales.

To make things a little bit easier Intel will also apparently plough money into its motherboard partner’s marketing activities, which it once again hopes will give people confidence in buying the chips, and, we assume, ease its conscious.