Tablet PCs to be worth $4 billion in four years

A report from US market research company In-Stat thinks that the iPad is going to set the tablet segment alight, meaning that in four years time the market could be worth over $4 billion.

Tablet manufacturers will be delighted with that news if it comes to pass – the tablet segment has been failing to take off as long as the Intel Itanium.

Apple iPadIn-Stat believes that there’s the potential to sell 50 million tablets in 2014, with the bill of material estimates suggesting mainstream tablets will cost between $400-$500.

Tablets are attracting OEMs, sitting midway as they do between smartphones and PCs. The big question is that while they may be attracting OEMs, will that price slot fit your budget.

So far, In-Stat says, only Apple and ICD have formulated carrier strategies and only Apple with its iPad will offer a product linked to both content and applications.

We wait to find out what the bill of materials for an iPad is – presumably iSuppli will get one soon enough and rip it apart.