Synopsys announces 28nm system-on-chip Lynx system

Synopsys has announced a low power, high-performance system-on-chip (SoC) Lynx system based on the Common Platform Alliance’s (CPA) 28 nanometer high-k metal gate technology.

The system is designed to provide a Synopsys Galaxy Implementation Platform-based open production flow and a Foundry-Ready system technology plugin for the CPA’s 28 nanometer technology.

Because it’s based on the Galaxy platform, the Lynx system will come with a number of additional features, such as low power implementation, multi-corner multi-mode optimisation, a design compiler with graphical physical guidance, an IC compiler Zroute DFM-optimised router, In-Design DRC auto-fixing with IC Validator, dynamic rail analysis with PrimeRail, and final stage leakage reduction. It also supports the IEEE 1801 standard.

The Found-Ready plugin provides Lynx scripts, templates and documentation based on the 28 nanometer process, ARM Arstisan standard cell logic and memory physical IP, baseline process-specific methodologies, and design checks and guidelines.

GlobalFoundries, which recently teamed up with Synopsys for  28 nanometer process PHY IP, spoke on behalf of the Common Platform Alliance to praise the collaboration, which it said will accelerate developments of high-k metal gate technology.