Swipe, dash and don’t crash

De Lorean carIn many ways it seems that the motor industry is beginning to drive technology faster than conventional IT.

Earlier today we reported that one day, not too far away, all cars will be connected. And now, another research organisation, IHS, is reporting that car touch panel revenues are likely to amount to $1.5 billion by 2018.

This is good news for the panel manufacturers, because IHS estimates the compound annual frowth rate (CAGR) for touch panel shipments will average 18 percent from this year to 2018, yielding a not inconsiderable $1.5 billion.

IHS said that analogue touch was the flavour of the day because the auto manufacturers like mature technologies. And while resistive touch for dashboards will continue, touch screens – familiar to us through smartphones and tablets, are beginning to become standard in many vehicles.

Adoption will begin to take off during this year, using projective capacitive touch (PCT) technology – some vendors will carry on with their old ways because of cost.

Because panels for cars are often required to be irregular shapes, that’s going to push manufacturers of the panels to speed up work on devising this kind of technology.