Supremes reject challenge to Tessera win

Popular beat combo, turned US legal executive arm, the Supremes have refused to change a patent-infringement victory for Tessera Technologies which had sued several tech companies at the US International Trade Commission.

The case is connected to two Tessera patents associated with packaging computer chips.

In 2009 the ITC decided that the Tessera patents were valid, and it told Qualcomm, Spansion, STMicroelectronics, Freescale Semiconductor and ATI to stop bringing them into the US.

According to the Wall Street Journal,  the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit confirmed the ITC decision last December. The defendant companies asked the Supreme Court to review the case but the court on Monday rejected their appeals without saying why.

It is all getting way too elderly now. Two patents in the case have since expired so it is not going to stop the importing of any product. However it will mean that the outfits named in the case will have to start thinking about writing cheques, or checks as they call them in USland.

Tessera is seeking financial damages in several district courts and these cases had been put on hold while the ITC case went ahead.

Motorola is probably the only outfit which ever paid Tessera and signed a licensing agreement in 2009 to settle the litigation. It probably saved itself a lot of time and certainly a heap of angst, but the lawyers won’t have been that happy.