Super-fast short range wireless gets boost with 60GHz chip

Belgian research lab Imec has been developing a 60GHz radio transceiver chip that could soon allow vast amounts of data to be sent between mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones.

The prototype chip could help push adoption of the wireless signal spectrum in consumer products in the future.  While much radio spectrum operates at much lower frequencies – the upcoming UK 4G auction will be selling at around the 2.6 GHz range – 60GHz spectrum will offer vastly increased speeds.

Data rates of 7Gbps are attainable over short distances, and Imec, working alongside Panasonic, reckon they can do so with very low power consumption.  This could mean that information could be sent from device to device at incredibly high speeds.

Imec says that one of the areas which has been blocking uptake so far has been the amount of power required for using spectrum in mobile devices. The research lab says that its CMOS-based transceiver is aimed at requiring less energy for use with the IEEE802.11ad standard.

The 40 nanometre low power integrated circuit chip is being pushed towards mass production, so that should help with costs too.

A while ago, Ofcom said it would allow the 60GHz range to be available for commercial high speed data transmission, specifying the area between 57 and 64GHz.