STMicro improves MEMS with iNemo

Semiconductor outfit STMicroelectronics has announced its latest MEMS development, the iNemo Engine.

It is an advanced filtering and predictive software engine, says STMicro, which integrates outputs from a 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis magnetometer, fusing the data through algorithms to prioritise reliability and accuracy in sensor performance.

What that means in simple terms is makes of consumer electronics will be further buying into ST’s MEMS to put into devices which will know the way you’re holding them and other motion sensing stuff.

The iNemo engine extracts data from outputs of different motion sensors at once and forces them to augment each other, meaning the sensors will work in unison and complement each other rather than ticking away individually. It’ll be able to correct magnetic distortions on magnetometers, dynamic distortions on accelorometers and the inherent drift over time of the gyroscope, according to STMicro.

All of those sensors will find accuracy benefited as it removes drift problems and, says ST, put calibration timeouts on the rubbish bin.

It’s available now directly through ST and partners. Expect kit using iNemo in production before the year’s end.