ST Microelectronics confirms 20nm by end of 2012

The chief technology officer at STMicroelectronics, Jean-Marc Chery, today confirmed at the Field Trip conference in London that its first 20nm process will be going into production at its French fab by Q4 2012.

The announcement comes as the company released its roadmap and priorities for the next few years. TechEye was there this morning to listen to Bozotti and the Gang waffle about wafers. President Bozotti agrees with chief operating officer Alain Dutheil and chief financial officer Carlo Ferro – the man with the best accent in IT – on the future of ST.

One point of interest that Bozotti opened with, is that for the consumer converged technologies are the way forward. It was showing off 3D tech in one of the fancy Claridge’s backrooms today and says it is looking to move into areas such as internet TV, which means it is squaring up to Google. Dutheil tells us that it’s a good idea to keep its fingers in all the pies as convergence is going to be huge.

As far as FABs ‘n’ Foundries go, ST Micro is planning to – surprise surprise- move some operations into East Asia. At the moment it has a plant in Phoenix which is just about completely dead and buried now, plants in France, Morocco, Malta and Italy. It’s got manufacturing locations in China (including Shenzhen – gulp!), the Phillippines and Malaysia. ST told us today that by far the “best” plant is one based in Singapore.

Over 2010, it will be ramping up its capacities all around. These comparisons are from Q409 to Q410. Its Crolles2 plant will be ramping up to 3,200 wafers a week and working on 32nm R&D capability. Singapore 150mm will see operations ramped up to 18,000 a day. The Chinese plants will increase their capacities in back-end fabs while the Italian Agrate 200mm plant will increase its capacity for BCD technologies.

Here’s a slide from today’s conference showing the status of key programs in its roadmap. Notice that 20nm isn’t mentioned here – but Jean-Marc gave the confirmation in his speech. He told us that ST is currently prototyping the 32nm process and reckons the first production immersion scanner will arrive sharpish, meaning the production lines can start rolling by the Q3 2011.


Intel’s timbers could be shivered. In Q1 2010 alone ST had revenue of $2,323 million USD and it was the #1 EMEA semiconductor company in 2009.