ST Micro launches entry level 32-bit microcontrollers

STMicroelectronics has launched a range of flash microcontrollers, which it says will help manufacturers increase performance at a cheaper price on their devices.

Microcontrollers are used in mobiles and laptops, but they are constantly having to increase in size and complexity due to more software applications. The STM32 microcontollers, which range from 16 to 512 Kbytes of embedded Flash, are said to adapt easier. ST says they are “among the first in the market to use an advanced 32-bit core to increase performance over proprietary 16-bit devices at a competitive price.”

The range includes an external memory interface, which can address numerous types of external code or data memory. It supports a parallel interface mode for LCD screens with embedded controllers, which can cope with the growing demand of  LCD panels in products such as washing machines, DVD players and RF remote controls.

Other features include a 24MHz processor; 1.25 DMIPS/MHz, 256 to 512 Kbytes Flash, 24 to 32 Kbytes SRAM and a 12-bit ADC with 1.2us conversion time.

“Cost-sensitive applications can now benefit from flash memory density as high as 512 Kbytes for program and data storage, as well as extra integrated features.” said Michel Buffa, General Manager of ST’s Microcontroller Division.