Spin RAM set to beat DRAM

Mark LaPedus over at EE Times has an interesting piece about a technology called STT-RAM (spin transfer torque random access memory).

He’s been talking to a Californian company called Grandis and it has ambitious plans to supersede both NAND falsh and DRAM.

The CEO of the company told LaPedus that STT-RAM can become a universal and scalable memory with the potential to displace embedded SrAM and flash, DRAM and even NAND.

Grandis was given a grant from DARPA to work on the technology, and, according to EE Times, has made some progress since 2008.

It has developed a 90 nanometre 256kbit device with a write/read speed of 20 nanoseconds and this year will launch a 64 megabit STT-RAM, built on a 54 nanometre process technology and aimed at the embedded SRAM market.

There’s more, much more at EE Times, here.  The Grandis website is here