Speculation mounts that Formosa might dump Nanya, Inotera

Nanya and Inotera are owned by massive conglomerate Formosa Plastics. So, by the way are Via and HTC.

But now there’s an interesting rumour reported by Taiwanese wire Digitimes.

It said there is speculation that Formosa Plastics, currently beset with problems over fires at its plants, might abandon both Nanya and Inotera.

Both of the companies turned in net losses recently because people are just not buying as many PCs as they used to.

There’s been a push recently for all the Taiwanese companies to band together to fight off threats from other of the major Dramurai. The same Digitimes report said that Powerchip is pushing the Taiwanese government to make moves to consolidate the DRAM industry on the island.

Those rumours, it said, have been denied. But something has got to give and consolidation may well be the name of the game.