Solar3D promises 3D cell to boost efficiency

A company is testing what it thinks is a breakthrough in 3D solar cell technology, coming up with a way to boost efficiency by as much as 25.47 percent over current cells.

Solar3D, claims its testing has exceeded all expectations. If it manages to match the simulations in the actual fabrication the efficiency level will be the highest of any silicon solar cell. 

The design has been completed already and is getting closer to finalising its prototype. Now Solar3D is looking for a fabrication parter in the semiconductor industry.

Company boss Jim Nelson says the 3D design’s efficiency boost, along with decreases in manufacturing costs, will see solar elecricity “reach economic parity with current methods of power generation”.

Of course, we’ll have to wait and see if the fabrication matches the simulation.

Elsewhere in the solar industry a team of researchers believe they’ve come up with a method for solar paint.