Site shows off AMD Llano package

Kitguru is showing off what it claims is an exclusive pic of AMD’s Llano Fusion processor.

The Llano chips will be manufactured by AMD spinoff GlobalFoundries and they are delayed because it’s quite a tricky thing to move to 32 nanometre processes and kick off a spanking brand new processor at the same time.

AMD’s other Fusion SKUs, as we reported earlier this week, are in much better shape but won’t have the whizz bang promised by Llano. The Ontario and the Zacate processors are being manufactured by TSMC and are low powered babies.

Kitguru speculates that Llano may come to the market sooner than Intel may realise.

AMD has publicly talked about Llano chips being released in the first half of 2011, but others have suggested it may arrive even later than that.

Be that as it may, Kitguru’s photograph of the packaging can be found here.