Silicon Image conquers wireless HD

Silicon Image has managed to get itself to the top of the built-in wireless high-definition (HD) video transfer semiconductor market.

That’s because of the planned acquisition of SiBeam, according to research from IHS iSuppli.

SiBeam is a fabless semiconductor company that offers high-speed wireless communication. To date, the company has managed to develop a 60GHz technology conforming to the Wireless HD standard.

IHS iSuppli claims shipments of products using SiBeam’s wireless video technology are expected to rise to 241.1 million units in 2015, huge growth from the 6.6 million in 2010.

The growth lies mainly in the fact that more companies are adopting the technology for computers, mobile devices and tablets. Analysts predict that in the years to come, flat panel TVs, notebooks and netbooks will all begin to adopt wireless video.

Clever Silicon Image looks like it’ll reap the benefits. IHS reckons the acquisition will give it “access to technology that could extend the first true wireless HDMI technology to the market.” 

It added that SiBeam “should prove a valuable asset for Silicon Image because the wireless video interconnect technology plays directly into the fastest-growing market opportunity for Silicon Image and high-definition video interface technology.”

Over the past year, Silicon Image has been raking it in with $191 million in semiconductor and IP licensing revenues, up 26 percent from 2009. The company is now one of the largest interface/connectivity-focused suppliers to the consumer electronics industry.