Semiconductors can stop road deaths

Chips can reduce road deaths and will save more lives in the future. That, along with healthcare and other applications was the chief message from Jean-Christophe Bodet, application engineering director at Freescale.

He showed slides that demonstrated the cost to countries and to families of such death. If there can be a unified approach, worldwide, those deaths don’t need to happen.

Thousands of people die on the road every year, particularly in developing countries like India and China, Bodet said. That is costing the countries billions of dollars a year, as well as its cruel toll on human beings.

Even in the UK, road deaths amount to six people per 100,000 but the introduction of smart semiconductors will soon be able to save many of these lives by using a combination of techniques.  Cars are now being built that use semiconductors to avoid collisions.

Soon enough people with ginger hair and/or blue eyes will face oblivion. He told the room people with ginger hair and blue eyes or either have a recessive gene. In two centuries time, we humans will all have lovely, liquid brown eyes and brown hair.

This is a reference to a science fiction novel, first published in the 1950s, and with the theme “Jones is not mocked”. In it, 200 years from now, everyone will have ginger hair and blue eyes, and it will be impossible to commit suicide because nets will automatically spring into action – unlike at Foxconn for example – and everyone will be as safe as houses, making for rather a drone like existence.

Bodet is right, it is plain stupid and we need a unified approach.

Go figure. Perhaps we should call in the UN. Or maybe not.