Semiconductor sales show April decline

Europe with flags - Wikimedia CommonsThe European Semiconductor Industry Association (ESIA) said chip sales in Europe in April showed a bit of a dip.

That, said ESIA, is in line with sales in other regions worldwide with the exception of Asia Pacific.

Semiconductor sales worldwide amounted to $27.026 in April, a decline of 0.4 percent from March.

Different segments performed differently. The European market showed growth in diodes, up 2.7 percent; optoelectronics, up 4.1 percent; and sensors and actuators, up by 2.9 percent.

Wireless devices for the consumer market did particularly well, up by 3.2 percent.

However, April exchange rate developments skewed the European picture. Measured in Euro, ESIA said that sales were up 18.3 percent compared to April 2014.