Semiconductor outfits slumping

Analysts are looking at the figures for the semiconductor outfits and are tutting to themselves and generally sighing.

Analyst Robert Castellino of the Information Network had found that the Q4 revenue guidance for nearly all semiconductor companies is falling fast and only AMD, Cirrus Logic, Qualcomn, Intel, Nvidia and SanDisk gave revenue guidance that was in the black.

Texas Instruments gave only a -2 percent guidance compared to most companies in the -9 to -12 percent range.

Most of the reductions are due to lower demand across a wide range of markets, customers and products. It looks like wireless application processors are doing well.

Castellino thinks that the downturn is caused by macroeconomic ills, as opposed to internal factors that could influence sales reductions, such as historic oversupply or undersupply conditions.

Meanwhile, the World Semiconductor Trade Statistics organisation projects 1.3 percent growth for 2011 and 2.6 percent next year. Market research group Gartner reduced semiconductor international revenue outlook for 2012 to 2.2 percent.

However, Castellino said that his figures show that semiconductor sales, which peaked in September 2010, had begun a slow but steady increase that lasted until September 2011 but will drop again for at least the next nine months.