Semiconductor market sales go sky high in 2010

There’s one thing for sure, and that is that short of a cataclysmic event, neither the internet nor semiconductors are going to go away any time real soon.

Market research company iSuppli has confirmed record margins for 2010, saying that a boom in DRAM and NAND sales are part of the buoyant picture.

Semi revs will kick in at $304 billion this year, a 32.5 percent increase on 2009 figures, said iSuppli.

Senior analyst Dale Ford said the “resurgence” is both “broad and deep” – every category except NOR flash got to double digit figures in 2010.

DRAM shot up by 80 percent, while NAND managed a 40 percent jump, said Ford.

Said iSuppli: “Out of 150 leading semiconductor suppliers tracked by iSuppli on a quarterly basis, an amazing 90 percent is expected to achieve revenue growth in 2010.”

The automotive market is expected to do the best, said Ford. The market research company is here.