Semiconductor industry showed growth in January 2011

The semiconductor industry saw a 1.5 percent growth in January from December with sales ramping up to $25.5 billion for the month.

That’s according to research by the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA), which also found that sales increased by 14 percent. In its Global Sales Report (GSR), a three-month moving average of sales activity, the company also found that the integration of semiconductors has increased across all industries. This includes consumer, automotive, computer, industrial, communications and government applications, which all saw a total growth of 32 percent year-over-year growth in 2010.

However it was the automotive and industrial sectors which fared best here with an increase of 50 percent and 44 percent respectively in 2010. It said some of the growth could be attributed to energy efficient tools and increased automation in industrial applications.

Over in the automotive sector, increased demand for semiconductors was put down to the increase in hybrid and electric vehicles, entertainment applications, engine controls and navigation systems.

The  SIA claims that the industry will “continue to benefit from steady growth, as semiconductor content increases in a wide range of products.”

It said the “impressive growth” in semiconductor sales over the past year had been driven by strong demand across all major end markets.