Semiconductor industry is on the mend

TSMC fab in Hsinchu - Wikimedia CommonsThe co-CEO of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC) believes that the semiconductor industry will head into recovery mode in 2016.

TSMC is the biggest manufacturer in the foundry business – the company manufacturers chips for firms like Nvidia or AMD which don’t have their own factories.

According to the Taipei Times, Mark Liu said that the industry could even see signs of recovery in the first quarter of next year.

Companies who make machines using semiconductors have had a bad 2015, but Liu believes that overstocking will be a thing of the past by the end of this year.

Liu’s optimism is not necessarily shared by market analysts. The DRAM industry, for example, is going through one of its customary troughs and that’s not anticipated to end real soon now.

The great hope of TSMC is that it’s just finished testing making 16 nanometre semiconductors and in February will open a production line making the even smaller 10 nanometre process.