Semi sales rose in May

cashRevenues from semiconductors during May totalled $2.873 billion, said the European Semiconductor Industry Association (ESIA).

But while those revenues were similar to those in April 2015, EISA said there were “some remarkable areas of strength” in May with increased demand for several product categories.

Sales of discrete semiconductor devices rose by 3.7 percent, diodes by five percent, and optoelectronics by 6.7 percent.

And, said EISA, if measured in Euro, the market showed “very strong growth” compared to May 2014, an illustration of the effect exchange rate fluctuations have on sales in Europe.

In May 2015, worldwide, sales of semiconductors for the automotive, consumer, wireless and wired comms applications went well. Worldwide, sales were up 5.1 percent compared to May 2014.

EISA released a graph showing monthly European semiconductor sales development between January 2011 until now.

Semiconductor sales in Europe up till May 2015